OneSky’s first programs began in the orphanages of China over 20 years ago, transforming young lives with infant nurture and early learning preschool programs designed especially for institutionalized children. Since then, in partnership with the government, we have reached more than 800 institutions in every province of China. Today, our program focus has expanded to support the increasing numbers of institutionalised children with special needs. In 2015, OneSky began work in China’s struggling rural villages to support the children left behind by parents forced to leave home to work in China’s factories.  Left in the care of grandparents and other relatives who struggled just to feed them, these children have become China’s “economic orphans.” Our programs train caregivers to support the developmental needs of these young children and bring communities and families back together through community engagement initiatives.


OneSky’s new home in Hong Kong opened in May 2020 to serve Hong Kong’s marginalised children and families and to serve as a centre of excellence for early childhood education and training.

The Family Centre provides children ages 0-6 and their parents and caregivers a safe, clean and educational space to play and learn together. Facilitated play sessions, parenting skills workshops as well as consultation and referral services for families are all provided free of charge to qualified local families. In addition, The D.H. Chen Foundation Training Hub provides training programs for professional and paraprofessional childcare educators in Hong Kong and serves as a resource for best practices of high-quality early education and care.


In 2018, OneSky initiated a small pilot project in a state-run day nursery in Ulaanbataar to benefit 180 very young children’s social and emotional needs. The findings from this pilot led us to establish the OneSky Mongolia Family Centre in the Summer of 2020. The Centre serves as a safe play place for local families in the Bayanzurkh district and provides parenting-skills training to 400 parents/caregivers reaching an estimated 1,600 children, with priority given to children aged 0-3-years-old.


In a growing trend across Asia, countless young people are leaving their rural villages in search of work in factories and, in Vietnam, they bring their children with them. As a result, 1.2 million children under the age of 6 are now living inside Vietnam’s industrial zones. OneSky launched its first Early Learning Center (ELC) in 2017, in the Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone in partnership with the Da Nang Department of Training and Education. The ELC provides safe and stimulating care and education to 250 children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years and serves as a training hub for local parents and home-based care providers. OneSky Caregiver Training offers a blended learning approach that combines 20 classroom sessions with home visits from senior trainers and access to our online learning platform that connects formerly isolated caregivers via a community portal.  Since 2017, OneSky has trained 790 caregivers and reached 14,556 children through the ELC and Home-Based Care Program. In the years to come we will be expanding the Caregiver Training nationally at the request of the Ministry of Education and Training.