Thank you for celebrating the OneSky Virtual Gala with us …

We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Thanks to your kindness and support, it was a great success and you helped us raise more than US$440,000! We are so touched by your generosity and hope you enjoy this special thank you message to you from the children.

This gala was critical in raising the funds needed during this challenging year. We are grateful that so many of you generously supported – and continue to support – the most vulnerable children. Together, we can work to ensure that even more at-risk children, families and communities are reached.

Your commitment to the children makes a difference. Thank you for celebrating and joining hands with us to build a new future for all children.

And a special thanks to friends of OneSky who contributed to this year’s programme! Camille Koutouzi opened the gala with the warmest of welcomes, while Karen Koh and Tim Huxley jointly moderated the event and did a great job driving the fundraising momentum! And to Cillin O’Flynn, CEO of Generali, for his kind words and support to OneSky.

Finally, thank you to our generous sponsors for once again making this gala possible!


Christine and Mark Yinliang He

Friends of OneSky

Stella Lee

Jal & Pervin Shroff


Melissa Ma

Scarlett Chen


Delta Personnel Consultants Limited
Edrington Hong Kong Charity Limited
Karen Cheung
OMAC Production House Limited
Lucy Sanderson

Master of Ceremonies

Karen Koh

Gala Committee

Adele Bettiol
Adam Bilbey
Shana Buchanan
Eleanor Coker
Sonia Davies
Cie Cie Fok
Wendy Genevieve
Petula Kincaid
Ines Klim
Karen Lee
Sarah Lo
Jodi Munro
Jacey Paik
Sarah Rennie
Jody Strong
David Wainwright


Jack Morton Worldwide Limited

Gala Director

Cheryl Blanco


  • 3 Hong Kong
  • Aviva Duncan Consulting LTD
  • Baking Maniac
  • Banyan Workspace
  • Basil Pao
  • Ben Brown Fine Arts
  • Denice Hough Photography
  • EAST Hong Kong
  • Grand Hyatt Hong Kong
  • ICHU
  • Jean-Pol d. Franqueuil
  • JEMS Character Academy
  • Keith Macgregor
  • Koala and Gizmo
  • Macau Lifestyle
  • Matilda International Hospital
  • Mei Lu & Xing Liu
  • Mini Mandarins
  • Oliver James
  • Ryze
  • S and A Davies
  • Salon Chandler
  • Simone Wheeler
  • SOGO Hong Kong
  • Swire Restaurants
  • Talks & Walks with Jason Wordie
  • The Murray Hong Kong
  • The Pawn
  • The Record Room
  • Tim Huxley
  • VEA Restaurant and Lounge
  • Vista Jewelry
  • XYZ


Laura Mercier
Serge Lutens